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Sales & Support Agents
For Your Website & Business


Connect 24/7 ; Premium Live Chat Service 
Provider of 24x7 Managed Human Live 
Chat Operators for your Website.
"Connect, satisfies the need."
Live Chat service free



We understand how important it is to get visitors to your website! every visitor is a probable customer. Let our chat agents remain online round the clock and increase your sales.


Our customer support outsourcing service comes with free live chat software. Already using any other live chat software e.g. Zopim or Tidio  We can work on it! We recommend


We will send you data of important sales leads that we gather from chats. We will take utmost care while talking to potential customers and will keep the high engagement.



Chat support services help to enhance ROI by building trust and fostering confidence in the clients that we are there to support you at any given time. As per a report, 77% of the people resort to discussion with someone before making any online purchase and with chat support services this target can be easily achieved thus helping you enhance the sales.


Our services come with 15 days no obligatory trial period. This free trial does not require your credit card information or to sign a contract.


Our prices, starting at $139 /month are best for the value in the industry. The pricing is designed in such a manner that it can cover low traffic to very high traffic websites.

We Are
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    Connect 24/7 to help entrepreneurs and small teams have better conversations with leads and customers. We build full-service support teams that flex and scale monthly, enabling companies to deliver fast, high-quality support experiences. 

   Our mission is to empower companies and organizations with cutting edge communications technology. We are committed to making our service fast, secure, reliable and easy to use.

Types of Live
Chat Support
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Sales Support:

We can help your customers with signup / purchase process as well as answer product or service questions. We can also work on ad-hoc basis and assist during times of high volume like product launch or running promotional campaigns.

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Lead Capturing:

We can help you gather sales leads for follow up later, this may include Name, Email address and their phone number. We can also setup pre-chat survey to collect important information based on your need. 

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General Live Chat Support:

In our live chat service, we can provide first level support and our handle all types of chat inquiries, for instance, assisting customers with purchase related questions, resetting account password, updating billing information etc.
Give our live chat service a try with our FREE trial offer!

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Builds Customer Loyalty:

Personalized chat conversations can be used to develop a comfort zone and personal connection which can go a long way in positively impacting conversion rate and business growth. Brands can offer one-on-one service, do real-time collaboration and deliver prompt solutions which all can make customers advocate and become loyal to brands.

What is live chat support
FAQ's Frequently Asked
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